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Considering the present situations in the world, such as easy communication and quick data transfer, available technologies and competition over scarce resources have all made it virtually impossible to achieve organizational goals through traditional management techniques. Management in its modern sense is not limited to an awareness of resources rather it requires an attitude to monitor the surrounding. Strategic management requires sensitivity towards changes and anticipation of future status of the organization.
Therefore, managers should be aware of not only the current situation but also of their stakeholders and effective factors in their surroundings. Strategic management is a technique which should be used by managers to achieve their goals in the changing world.
The underpinning of strategic management hinges upon Strategic attitude of the managers. Strategic plans should be developed and conveyed to all members and stakeholders who are supposed to apply them in their performance.
The Department recognizes the need to enforce Management development according to the organization's mission and functions, and based on the above mentioned and specially the establishment of strategic management at department of management subsidiaries. so It is essential that all managers and employees from different departments of Medical Sciences, and stakeholders outside the university, know the strategies of Vice Chancellor Development . These strategies have been developed and they are based on upper level documentation, the leader communicated policy, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, including the fifth economical, social, political development plan, health road map, the strategies of policy making council and board of trustees.
It is hoped that teachers and scholars of Tehran University of Medical Sciences reviewed these strategies and by providing critical comments and guidance, help us to begin the big move.

 Dr. Mahmoud Biglar
 Deputy of resource management and planning, Tehran University of Medical Sciences Methods and Codification of Strategic Planning:
 In order to develop strategic plan with Brayson method (native to the University), we used some forms which were used previously. Since virtually all of the technical assistance strategies should be drawn up by the management, forms were delivered to deputy directors for the analysis of environmental status. Leaders with vision and mission planning and analysis the internal and external environment, and factors affecting the organization, and prioritize these factors and according to the upstream documentation, especially the fifth development plan. Deputy strategy was summed up in this area and matched cases were merged and the final 10 strategies have been developed as the strategy formulation and strategy development department.
 The next steps are: Developing action plans according to ten strategies which are developed by assistant , and developing indicators to evaluate current strategies and programs and The index was developed and evaluated by and using the Balanced Score Card to evaluate the flow rate strategy at all organizational units.
VP strategies will be announced over a letter to all units of the University.
 It should be noted that the strategies are quite flexible and may be due to periodic evaluation have modified or changed (delete one or more strategy and adding a few new strategies).
 Department of Resource Management and Planning Strategies:
 • Outsourcing and divestiture services offered to private sector
 • Developing information technology through establishing a health information system and providing e-services to customers
 • Institutionalizing Knowledge Management
 • Establishing total quality management system
• Improving productivity and empowering human resources, Tele commuting and virtual learning
• Establishing evaluation and performance management system
 • Strategic environmental assessment in the context of urban development and land logistics system
• Improving the allocation of financial resources
• Structural reforms according to the mission and health road map of the university
• Establishing strategic management
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